We began our Australian outback adventure on a cold autumn morning. From country Victoria we headed north-west to South Australia.

It was a change we needed after a few months of the daily grind in Sydney or Melbourne.

We drove over 550 kilometres before we arrived at Lake Albert in the town of Meningie just before 4 P.M.

Lake Albert ย is a fresh water lake in South Australia with inflows coming from the Murray River – Australia’s longest river. The lake is popular among nomads and road trippers due to its idyllic landscape.

Meningie was under a windy spell when we arrived. Lake Albert rippled as if something underneath was struggling to be free. Tall grass around the lake swayed fervently in the wind making whoosh-whoosh sound.

Grass grows tall by the lake


birds hover on the water surface.


After paying a fee for a camp site at Lake Albert Caravan Park, we parked our Land Cruiser 4WD aka The Troopy under a tree where we camped for the evening.

For dinner we went to a shop nearby and bought fish and chips. There’s nothing like a warm and crispy fish and chips on a cold evening.

As the sun slowly set, the sky turned from blue to purple with a tint of orange painted over the horizon. Rolling grey clouds hovering above the lake added drama to the windy evening.

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From inside The Troopy, we could hear twigs and leaves making tap-tap sound as they fell onto the roof.

The wind continued blowing well into the night, or at least until we fell asleep.

To be continued.

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26 thoughts on “Wind of Change – Lake Albert SA

  1. So Lake Albert in the town of Meningie in South Australia is your first stop? We plan to do the Outback in 2019. or 2020 whenever we visit my daughter and her family in Melbourne again. Interested to follow on your tour!


  2. This is a part of Australia I have never visited. A driving trip sounds like the perfect way to take it all in. Nice to know that there are spots to camp. I will keep this in mind if we ever return to Australia.


  3. This is a great post! I’ve never heard of Lake Albert before, but I’ve always wanted to visit Australia! Fish and chips on a cold evening is definitely comfort food at its finest. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I’ll have to add Lake Albert to my travel list. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Your pictures of Lake Albert are pretty awesome and while I was reading your post, I was imagining myself, camping at the beautiful camping grounds, enjoying that lovely sunset over the calm waters of the lake and eating hot fish and chips on a cold autumn evening. What a lovely experience!


  5. Ah camping and fish and chips sounds like a lovely trip. I love camping! The out back is so intruiging, particularly as it less visited by foreign tourists. I will for sure be adding it to my places to visit in OZ when I finally go.


  6. I have never been to Australia, but I really wanna go some time. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love that you can go to this park with a camper in a controlled manner. So you can enjoy the nature while still supporting its conservation.


  7. Gosh Australia would be such a dream for us! It’s been on our bucket list forever and I can’t believe I still hadn’t added also Lake Albert! You’re also right in saying there’s nothing like crispy fish and chips to warm you up when it’s cold!


  8. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures of Lake Albert. Looking forward to hearing more about your outback adventures. Australia is a wonderful country and has so much to offer. I travelled the red centre and have seen Outback NSW. Unforgettable experiences with dramatic landscapes and skies and some of the strangest people on earth!


  9. Lake Albert looks really beautiful. I’d love to travel around in a caravan there. I definitely get the idea from your post that Australia is big! 550 km. That could take you across a couple countries in Europe, not just to the next big lake outside of town (not saying it’s the closest, but it sounds like this was just the beginning of your adventure)


  10. My original reason for ever wanting to visit Australia was to see the Outback. Iโ€™ve since learned a lot more about Australia and now know there is LOTS to see there, but still the Outback is at the top of the list. Looks like your trip was a great success, I hope mine will be too! ๐Ÿ˜€


  11. I’ve never been to Australia, but Lake Albert looks absolutely stunning and a place I would love to visit. I would love to stay by the lake side and hear the swish swish of the grass. Sounds so lovely!


  12. I watched the video and i loved it. I’ve not been to Australia but if I ever wish to visit, it’ll be for this wonderful experience at Lake Albert and i can’t help but imagine this: “the wind continued blowing well into the night, or at least until we fell asleep.” Awwwwwnwnnnnn. So beautiful


  13. Beautiful shots of Lake Albert – looks so idyllic. We’ve recently moved to Tasmania so we’re keen to get the Spirit across to the mainland at some stage and take a road trip through Vic and SA. Will include Lake Albert on the itinerary ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Being a road tripper, I have read a lot about lake Albert. You have inspired me further with your photographs to go there. Lovely golden hour sun set shots. Again I a sold to this place and it will be pat of my Aus trip.


  15. I have family in Australia but scattered around the cities, but the outback has been a source of fascination for me for so long. lake Albert is just so beautiful – I can image being my the lakeside and it being a very tranquil place to gather your thoughts – I’ll have to see if my family have been!


  16. Those are some lovely shots. The place exudes calmness and serenity, something that we all desire. I bet it has some amazing bird life too. Did you spot any unusual ones? I hope to get to Australia soon and if so, would love to include this.


  17. I am falling in love with Lake Albert! At the first sight, it reminds me of pictures of Canada where nature is nearly as beautiful as here. Hopefully, I can make it to South Australia one day, Lake Albert is a really convincing piece of nature.


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